Guitar Lessons

Kenny Campbell

South Plainfield NJ

I started playing the guitar over 20 years ago and have been playing ever since. My main instrument is guitar and always will be but I also play piano/keyboards, bass and violin.

I play just about every style there is. All styles of Rock, from Classic Rock to Newer Rock. I play Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country and Folk.

My music education is very broad and it's been a life long process. I've studied with many teachers. One that I was lucky to have studied with was Harry Leahey who was a fantastic Jazz guitarist. I studied with him for several years and learned a tremendous amount from him. I attended college for music. I've studied Jazz piano from a number of teachers. The Rock part of my education came from playing in a lot of Rock bands.

I've played in just about every type of band possible. Many different Rock bands. I've played in Wedding and Lounge bands, Jazz, and Country bands. I'm still playing out as much as possible and I always will be.

I pride myself in working as hard as I can to put on the best performance that I can.

Another aspect that I am very proud of and has really made music even more fulfilling to me is my teaching. I've taught more people then I can count. Young kids to adults. Most of my students study with me for years. Some I've taught from the time they were kids to the time they go off to college. Many of my students have pursued music either as a part time or full time career. Most have played in bands. Some just simply have fun playing guitar as a hobby. Whatever their goals were and wherever music fit into their lives, they were and still are a big part of my life. I am still teaching at my private studio in South Plainfield NJ.

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